Surveillance and P.I. Budgets – Luck, Preparation and Experience

Surveillance and P.I. Budgets – Luck, Preparation and Experience

Some of the most common questions we receive are regarding budget. Many clients are looking for the “cheapest private investigator” available – then get surprised or let down when the investigator in question either ends up taking twice as long to accomplish a task or consumes your entire budget (possibly going over) with little or nothing to show for it. As is the case in any industry, you get what you pay for! Many cases that take inexperienced investigators weeks to resolve, possibly with multiple days’ worth of surveillance, could be resolved by an experienced investigator in a matter of hours without even needing to leave the office.

A Little Luck Goes A Long Way – A Bigger Budget Goes Even Further!

While some cases are inherently more difficult and may require some degree of luck, our philosophy at Paramount Investigative Services revolves around making our own luck. We don’t need to worry about stumbling into the right place at the right time, because we already know where and when the right place and time are. Inexperienced investigators may take days, weeks or even months to acquire evidence we could’ve acquired in a single day. While their low cost approach gathers the attention of frugal clients, their cost balloons into an extortionate amount after days of unsuccessful work. To maximize your budget and receive efficient, professional work, sometimes a larger initial budget is necessary to avoid vastly exceeding that budget in the coming weeks with nothing to show for it.

P.I Experience – Higher Initial Cost, Greater Long-Term Savings

4 minutes of film, saved client 6.3 million dollars

As one of the most experienced private investigators in Los Angeles, our rates often exceed newcomers to the industry. However, even within the past year, private investigator turnover in Los Angeles reveals a telling story: few of these investigators provide satisfactory results to their clients. We don’t rely on luck to successfully complete our cases – nor do we sit idly by to bolster our paychecks with hourly surveillance charges.

Paramount Investigative Services: Trust Your Case To Professionals

While a healthy budget at the beginning of your investigation will undoubtedly result in more thorough, satisfactory results, choosing the right investigator to take on your case is a significantly more crucial decision. Give us a call today to learn more about our services, or send us an email at your earliest convenience to receive a quote!

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