Game of Budgets Blog Update – August 2020

An interesting month as we set new highs for views at 1,779! The only issue is I’m pretty sure I was spammed as two Sundays in a row I was hit with a lot of views from India focused on the same three articles below. India accounted for 870 of the views on those back to back weekends. So either I got really popular across the world, or we had some slight issues. Even outside of that we still would have been over 900 views, so another steady month.

We also took a vacation the back half of the month so I took a vacation from the blog and twitter as well. Good to see the blog stay consistent during that time. Twitter also bounced back this month as well with 22 new followers pushing us above 780. I think 1,000 will be a stretch for the end of the year, but maybe we can put a little push on to try and get there.

We have now crossed 8,000 views for the year and are up 90% over last year!

Blog Traffic Overview

Blog Traffic Highlights:

  • In total we had 1,779 views for the month. We are now up 90% over last year through the first 8 months of the year. This keeps accelerating which is great to see!
  • Visitors also were just off of our record high at 1,555.
  • Seven months in a row above 750!
  • Google Searches continued to be strong at over 600 for the month and only 15 from twitter.
  • Shipt will continue to drive around half of our views, although this month it was only 1/3 with the spam. The homepage was down last month at only 68 views

Most Viewed Articles in June

  • How to Maximize Your Earnings With Shipt – This article was written when we tried some Shipt orders in December. I don’t know how helpful it is in this environment, but there are some good tips on how to earn more while spending less to deliver orders. (544 views)
  • The Path to #FIRE (a 9 box approach) – The first of the India articles this month, although it is one of my favorite. It’s an article about how to move yourself towards #FIRE. (302 views)
  • Dividend Portfolio – 2019 Starting Point – This is where things get a little odd. Not sure why this would be an article that would pop and not any of the recent ones. (287 views)
  • My Biggest Investment Mistake – Point number two on spam is that this has the exact same views as the one above it. 🙂 A good article about always being careful with how much you put at risk. (287 views)
  • The Pros and Cons of working for Shipt – This article continues to come from Google search as well. (97 views)

Twitter Results

Twitter continues to be on my back burner for now. Trying to grow the audience, but my engagement has been lacking. Hopefully once I slow down we can get back to it.

  • 16 tweets last month which is sadly up 14%. 🙂
  • Top tweet was highlighting our Coast #FIRE article talking about how I really liked that new phrase
  • If we continue at our new follower pace we should be able to close in on 900 by the end of the year. With a little effort we could push to 1,000.


We continue to build a solid base of twitter followers and blog views during this last year of work. Hoping to turn this into some actual revenue starting next year!

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