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WOOF! Barks! A word which many humans should pay close attention to when it comes to adopting a puppy is the budget! WOOF! Barks! Though my human does not like the word “budget,” barks, paws, it is impawtant to consider before you bring home a puppy! 

Barks, these events where you can adopt a puppy without paying an adoption fee help shelters make room for other pets until their humans come for them, or find a new “Forever Home!” Barkingly, if the adoption fee is causing you distress or it’s been preventing you from adopting a puppy, you probably are not ready to make the financial sacrifices. 

WOOFS!  Paws, most rescues and many shelters will provide an adopter’s puppy with its vaccinations, preventatives, and needed treatments before you can take him home. Barkingly, those expenses are often part of an adoption fee though they don’t cover their actual expense. Paws, going forward, needed treatments such a heartworm preventative, tick and flea preventatives, rabies, distemper, paws, to name a few, will be required monthly, every three months, annually or tri-annually. Barkingly, with puppies, there is always the pawssibility of more vaccinations and preventatives or boosters. After all, they are curious about getting into everything. Paws, there are some diseases such as Parvovirus that can affect young puppies without proper care.  A puppy has more vaccinations and preventatives than an adult dog. 

Food. Barks. One of my favorite topics! Paws, there are pawlenty of food choices for your puppy than you can imagine! Pawsonally, I prefer my humans to prepare me delicious bacon and scrambled eggs with three kinds of cheese, buttered English Muffins with blackberry jam, a fruit bowl, and coffee for breakfast and Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon with Bleu Cheese Crumbles Garlic Butter, baked potato with gobs of butter, and green beans with ice tea for my evening meals! For snacks, I prefer to nibble on beef or chicken throughout the day! WOOFS! Not a bad idea huh?! Barks, though I would love to have that, it wouldn’t have been healthy or nutritious. My humans read and learned about various food and treat products for dogs. With his previous dog, he had given him a “cheap” brand treat, which caused him to be sick throughout the house for hours. The cheaper foods purchased at big-box stores are not necessarily always the healthiest. Barks! Nor are the most expensive bags of dry dog food always the best either. You should read, learn, compare, and discuss selections of food with a Veterinarian. Barkingly, you could cook for your puppy too. Doing this could save expenses and ensure a healthier diet. Woofs! Be sure to research and study before jumping into cooking the puppy a meal. Feeding your dog inexpensive brands could be like providing them a diet of fast food instead of proper nutrition. Consider your finances when making these decisions. We support the concept of offering your dog the “bestest food and treats,” you can afford.  Consider the lifetime advantages of feeding your puppy healthier foods and treats compared to pawssibly more Veterinarian expenses without proper nutrition. 

Paws, I will continue next week discussing “Supplies!” 

Pawlease meet a few friends looking for their “Forever Homes!”

BARKS! Stanley, a Yellow Labrador Retriever, loves being shown he’s a good boy with food since he doesn’t hear so well! He prefers a home with limited stairs or a human who will carry him! He may need help on the couch! He loves following his humans. He prefers a human home often with patience for his bathroom schedule. He wears a wrap when home alone! 


Joe Joe, a Black Labrador Retriever with low energy, enjoys short walks several times daily. He is calm inside and climbs wood stairs well. He doesn’t bark much, doesn’t like his crate, is friendly with humans and other dogs. Typical neighborhood noise is not usually a bother. He enjoys ear scratches and affection! 

Joe Joe

Joe Joe

Emma, a Black Labrador Retriever, loves her humans! She enjoys belly rubs, Nylabones, balls, treats, getting pets, car rides, squirrel patrol, and going to bed early! She needs a family to continue her training. 



Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., (301) 299-6756, email

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