#1338 Budgets are Moral Documents, Trump Budgets are Immoral

Air Date: 2–22-2020

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Today we take a look at Trump’s recently-proposed budget and rule changes targeting the most vulnerable recipients of Social Security benefits. The budget has no chance of passing as it is because, thankfully, a Democratically-controlled House of Representatives will not allow it. However, it is still very valuable to understand what kind of budget and rules Trump and the GOP would pass if they were in complete power.


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Ch. 1: Trump’s War Budget Slashes Support for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – The Real News – Air Date 2-13-20

Trump promised he would not touch Social Security and Medicare. He lied. Now we have deficit spending with no social benefits, and Democrats fooled into a compromise that allowed the military budget to soar.

Ch. 2: Doctor Responds After Trump Said He’d Make More Cuts to Medicare – NowThis News – Air Date 1-27-20

This doctor is speaking out about the high cost and inaccessibility of health care in the U.S. after Trump said he’d make even more cuts to Medicare.

Ch. 3: The #TrumpBudget is cooking the books – Off-Kilter – Air Date 2-13-20

Bobby Kogan, chief mathematician of the Senate Budget Committee, explains how the Trump budget is cooking the books to make it look not as terrible as it really is.

Ch. 4: The politics of work and hunger – This Is Hell! – Air Date 1-7-20

Anthropologist Maggie Dickinson on food assistance, poverty and her book Feeding the Crisis Care and Abandonment in America’s Food Safety Net

Ch. 5: Say No to Stealing Our Social Security Benefits: Alex Lawson on Social Security and disability – CounterSpin – Air Date 1-6-20

Janine Jackson interviewed Social Security Works’ Alex Lawson about Social Security and disability

Ch. 6: How To Clean Up The Welfare State – The Majority Report – Air Date 2-3-20

Meagan Day on “How To Clean Up The Welfare State” by building social programs that inspire support through their universality


Ch. 7: Jay didn’t go far enough – Alan from Connecticut

Ch. 8: Emerging theme on our collective emergency, recommending After Capitalism – V from Central New York

Ch. 9: Why Clinton didn’t win – James from Sacramento, CA


Ch. 10: Final comments on passion in the primaries, early interest in Bernie and why reluctant leaders are the best

Bonus: Something is happening – Jim Hightower – Air Date 2-2-16

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