14 Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

You may have heard that it’s the thought that really counts. This couldn’t be any more true when considering Christmas gifts to give your family and friends. Homemade gifts can be just as special and allow you to get creative and use what you know about the person to give them something special.

Instead of waiting in long lines and stressing over finding the perfect gift, perhaps you can make it yourself.  Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids. Our homemade Christmas gift ideas guide can help you get started.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a gift that will be used for years to come.  I’ve always loved creative ornaments that add a personal touch to the tree. Ornaments can be as simple or as intricate in design as you choose.

Print out photos and place them on cardboard.  Use a hole punch and tie a colorful ribbon for a personalized ornament. Use these fillable glass ornaments and fill them with personal trinkets. These fabric Christmas tree ornaments will add a bit of fun to any Christmas tree.

There are so many Christmas tree ornaments ideas available, so get creative and have fun.

Christmas Ornament Cushions

Who says ornaments are just for the tree?  Festive decor is always a good idea.  Christmas ornament throw pillows are stylish and not too difficult to make.  For all the details on making this homemade Christmas gift, click here.

Christmas Crush Sugar Scrub

The winter air can be tough on our skin. Give the gift of exfoliation with a homemade sugar scrub.  With ingredients that you may already have at home, sugar scrubs are a great homemade Christmas gift. 

Here’s a recipe you can use. Start with two bowls.

  • In each, combine 1/2 cup of sugar (organic sugar is especially good for scrubs) and 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil. 
  • In the first bowl, add red food coloring (more or less depending on the desired shade. 
  • In the second bowl, add green food coloring. 
  • Stir both mixtures until the color is uniform. 
  • If you’re feeling fancy, you can add essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or rose to add a little fragrance to the scrub.
  • Assemble the mixtures in layers into a mason jar, to create a festive striped display.

Bath Bombs

homemade christmas gift ideas

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy a hot bath.  Help kick bath time up a notch with homemade bath bombs.  With a few ingredients you may have in your kitchen (and a few you may not) and a bath bomb mold, making bath bombs will be simple.

Gingerbread Body Butter

In the spirit of luxuriation, follow up those bath bombs and sugar scrubs with a deliciously decadent homemade body butter.  Combine shea butter with coconut oil, ground ginger, cinnamon and vanilla extract for a gift that anyone would love;  For the full recipe, check here.

A Delicious Lump of Coal (or Two)

Have some of your friends or coworkers been naughty this year?  Give them a lump of coal they’ll be happy to receive. Break out the Christmas tin for tasty Oreo “coal”.  Dig in to the details here.

Yule Tide Potpourri

If Christmas has a smell, this is it.  Feel their homes with the good vibes and good scents.  Potpourri is a simple homemade Christmas gift that takes little time to prepare.  Check out the recipe here, and choose a festive jar to store your creation.

Holiday Hot Cocoa

homemade Christmas gift ideas my debt epiphany

Hot cocoa to go? Yes please!  Whether they are party favors or white elephant gifts, these holiday hot cocoa treat are sure to be a hit.  All you need is a funnel, plastic test tubes, mini marshmallows and hot cocoa.  For assembly instructions and more details, click here.  For a more decorative, kid-friendly version, click here.

A Homemade Cookbook
homemade Christmas gift ideas my debt epiphany

One of my favorite childhood memories was baking cookies on Christmas Eve.  My grandmother had her own special recipes that she used each year.  Preserve your family’s special recipes by creating a cookbook.  You can use one recipe templates to find the perfect format, and choose a decorative cover.  This gift can be for multiple family members.

Personalize their Drink Experience

For those who love a good drink, make each one special with a personalized container.  Whether it’s a shot glass, pilsner glass, or growler you can customize it for them.  Add some sweet words, initials, may even their favorite sports teams to a gift they will use again and again.


homemade Christmas gift ideas my debt epiphany

For the drillmaster in your life, assemble a personalized barbecue kit.  Collect items like a biting brush, cutting board, perhaps an apron. Fill assorted glass bottles with their favorite barbecue sauces.   Add some of their favorite herbs and spices, or flavored salts to glass jars.  They’ll enjoy their next barbecue courtesy of you.

Snow Globes

homemade Christmas gift ideas my debt epiphany

They may not be something you thought could be done at home, but snow globes can be a homemade Christmas gift.  With a few items from the craft store and a mason jar, you’re on the way to a sentimental gift for anyone on your list.  For a full tutorial, click here.

Photo Collage

In a smartphone world, we take more photos than ever.  But how often do we print those photos?  Take the liberty of collecting the recipient’s best photos from social media and your own collection, and create a photo collage.  You can have it printed on canvas or have it traditionally framed.

You can also have it printed on fabric to make a custom pillow or blanket for them.  Photo collages are a wonderful homemade Christmas gift.

Light it Up

homemade Christmas gift ideas my debt epiphany

Give the gift of light and comfort this year. Candles are a wonderful gift for family and friends. For a colorful candle that they can enjoy all year, you’ll need wicks, crayons, popsicle sticks, and glass votives.  For a full tutorial, click here.  If you would like a more holiday-inspired candle recipe, here is a tutorial for pine-scented candles.

Once your candles are made, there are plenty of festive ways to store them. You can also purchase an easy DIY candle-making kit on Amazon (make up to 100 candles with this kit).

Mason jars are come in handy for everything, including candle votives. For a tutorial on how to turn a mason jar into a Christmas tree votive they’ll love, click here.

homemade Christmas gift ideas my debt epiphany


Nothing says love like a gift truly from the heart.  Take time to review your Christmas list and add a personal touch for your friends and family with these budget-friendly homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Don’t forget the true meaning of the holidays, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Have you considered homemade gifts for the holidays? What are some of your favorite gift ideas?

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